About Us

The beginnings of the company go back to 1951 when the company was founded under the first name "Waste". The company was privatized in 2002, when new lines of development were outlined and since then the company has been steadily growing in business. We have certified our operations with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Today, the company is one of the leading companies in northwestern Croatia in the field of waste collection and disposal. Today the company operates at 3 locations in Bjelovar-Bilogora County:





Full company name: RAW MATERIALS Limited Liability Company for ecology and waste management
Short name: SIROVINA d.o.o.
Headquarters: Bjelovar, 29 September Street 2.
Tax code: 0979040
OIB: 30322785480
Member of the Management Board is: Luka Iličić, B.Sc. el., director

With our own business, we try to change citizens' awareness of the importance of environmental care and recycling. This can be seen by the actions of collecting bulky waste, placing containers on prominent surfaces, eco-islands and collaborating with eco-schools. We are sure that we will succeed in this attempt to make citizens aware.



waste collection, treatment and sorting

metal scrap, paper, plastic, packaging waste

cars, batteries


construction of recycling yards

construction of waste storage facilities

construction of communal infrastructure

dismantling of industrial plants

demolition of objects

Technical gas sales

carbon dioxide type 40
nitrogen 4.5 / 5.0
feromix C18
medical air

Permits and concessions

Raw material d.o.o. holds valid permits for hazardous and non-hazardous waste management for:

collection, transportation and temporary storage of hazardous waste in the territory of the Republic of Croatia
collection, transportation, temporary storage and mechanical treatment of non-hazardous waste in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County
activities of collecting, transporting and mechanical treatment of construction waste by mobile plant in the territory of Bjelovar-Bilogora County

The company is also an authorized concessionaire to perform:

collection activities for waste batteries and accumulators in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County
waste tire collection activities in the Republic of Croatia
waste lubricating oil collection activities in the Republic of Croatia
primary packaging waste collection activities (PET, glass, Al / Fe and other polymers) in the Bjelovar-Bilogora region and in the City of Đurđevac and its surroundings
activities of collecting, ie taking over, temporary storage and transportation of packaging waste (paper, cardboard and multilayer packaging waste, bulk and transport packaging waste of wood, textiles and other packaging materials in the territory of the Republic of Croatia

ISO 9001 and 14001 standard

In 2009, we aligned our overall operations with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A well-developed and maintained quality management system made a positive contribution to the achievement of our business goals. The system has improved customer satisfaction and trust - customer loyalty, repetition and consolidation of business, quick responses to market opportunities and overall results and capabilities - better product / service quality, better work efficiency, fewer errors, lower costs.

Our mission is:

By quality realization of our services (collection and processing of secondary raw materials, dismantling of plants and construction works), we will permanently maintain the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level, while at the same time taking care of the environment and preserving natural resources.

Our principles are:

  • partnerships with customers, suppliers and other interested parties
  • continuous renewal and modernization of the machinery fleet, and monitoring of new technologies in the ecology segment, especially waste collection and treatment
  • prevention of environmental pollution during the implementation of work activities
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management and environmental management systems
  • rational consumption and concern for the conservation of natural resources
  • compliance with legal requirements for environmental protection
  • maintaining a high level of environmental awareness among our employees, partners and subcontractors


Popis izvršenih radova i demontaža:


Dioki d.d., Zagreb
Rezanje, demontaža, odvoz i zbrinjavanje:
Postrojenja dorada polietilena
Postrojenja polietilen I
Postrojenja parnih generatora
Postrojenja EPS polimerizacija
Pogon rashladni toranj
Parnog i plinskog cjevovoda

Poljoprivredno poduzeće Orahovica d.d., Orahovica

Žito d.o.o.,  Osijek

PPK Valpovo d.o.o., Valpovo
Rezanje, demontaža, odvoz i zbrinjavanje silosa

INA d.d., Rafinerija Sisak
Demontaža kolne vage


Gala d.d., Bjelovar Farma
Demontaža 4 objekta 80 x 18 m

Dukat mliječna industrija d.d.,  pogon Sirela Bjelovar
Demontaža uparne stanice i spremnika

Pevec d.o.o.,  lokacije Bjelovar, Varaždin, Zagreb, Vrbovec, Split
Rušenje objekata  površine 25.000 m2

Alstom Hrvatska d.o.o., Karlovac
Demontaža i odvoz turbina cca 250 t


KBC Rebro, Zagreb
Demontaža i rušenje objekata bolnice


INA d.d., Rafinerija Sisak
Rezanje i demontaža dimovodnih kanala cca 460 t

Agroprerada d.o.o., Ivanić Grad
Rušenje i demontaža kompletnog mlinskog postrojenja

PLINACRO d.o.o., Zagreb
Rezanje i demontaža spremnika za ukapljeni plin

Rapid d.d., Virovitica
Demontaža i rezanje žarne peći


Mliječna industrija „Zdenka“ d.d., Veliki Zdenci
Rezanje i demontaža kotolovnice i dijelova linije za proizvodnju mliječnih proizvoda

Bjelovarski sajam d.o.o. - Sajam u Gudovcu
Demontaža i rezanje 24 silosa

Silosi Garešnica d.o.o., Garešnica
Demontaža i rezanje 7 silosa

Dukat mliječna industrija d.d. – pogon Sirela Bjelovar, Bjelovar
Rezanje i demontaža rashladnih uređaja

MORH, Vojarna Bjelovar
Rezanje i demontaža objekata vojarne


INDA d.d., Rafinerija „INA“ Sisak
Rezanje i demontaža spremnika za sirovu naftu

Agrokor d.d., Farma koza „Samarica“
Rezanje i demontaža objekata farme koza cca 5 ha

Agroprerada d.o.o., Ivanić Grad
Rezanje i demontaža sušare

Bjelovarski sajam d.o.o. - Sajam Gudovac, Bjelovar
Rezanje i demontaža metalne hale


Podravka d.d. -  Koprivnica
Rezanje i demontaža linije za proizvodnju dječje hrane

Viro tvornica šećera d.d., Virovitica
Rezanje i demontaže spremnika za šećernu reput

Pamučna industrija Glina d.d., Glina
Rezanje i demontaža kompletnog industrijskog pogona Pamučne industrije Glina

INA d.d.,  pogon Oki, Zagreb
Rezanje, demontaža postrojenja i objekata

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

Content of the publication / broadcast material is the sole responsibility of Sirovina d.o.o.